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Will this facility accept biosolids?

No, the facility will not accept biosolids and has no plans to accept biosolids in the future.

Will this facility accept hazardous waste or other toxic material?

No, the facility will not accept any hazardous waste or other toxic material.

Does the facility have an environmental management plan?

Yes, the facility has a detailed environmental management plan that ensure the surrounding environment and community are protected. This includes an extensive list of mitigation measures that prevent impacts to groundwater and surface water, wildlife, and air quality. The environmental management plan also includes a monitoring and compliance component to ensure all mitigation measures are effective.

What is wrong with continuing to use the current TteS landfill?

The existing TteS landfill was constructed in 1960 without a liner system or other engineered controls to manage potential environmental impacts. This facility will be closed using an engineered cap system while the new facility is being developed. No disruption to services for TteS members will occur during the closure phase.

Do you sell topsoil?

Yes, we sell locally generated premium, nutrient-rich topsoil.

When is your new facility opening?

The new Tk’Emlups facility in northeast Kamloops opened to all members of the community in December 2023.

Do you accept old propane tanks?

Yes. We are a recycling transfer station for metals, asphalt shingles, batteries, propane tanks, appliances and other miscellaneous household items.

Will you pick up my load?

No, we are a drop-off facility only.

I am doing a renovation this spring on the house; do you take old construction material?

Yes, we accept construction and demolition material, and recycle what we can.

Will you accept old mattresses?

Yes, we accept old mattresses for a fee.

How will leachate be managed at the landfill site?

The landfill will be double lined with compacted clay and HDPE membrane, eliminating the risk of groundwater contamination. Leachate generated in the landfill will be directed to an engineered containment pond.

Liner Installation

An example of a HDPE liner installation

Outdoor Compost Facility

An example of an outdoor organic matter compost facility

Site Address

Stswékstem Engineered Waste Management Facility
801 Strawberry Hill Lane
Kamloops, BC V2H 1J8
Scale House: 236-597-9300
(for customer/public inquiries)
Office: 236-421-0112
(for waste management contractors and billing questions)

Head Office

Grassland Organics Strawberry Hill Ltd.
801 Strawberry Hill Lane
Kamloops, BC V2H 1J8

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:00 to 4:00

Saturday 9:00 to 3:00

Closed Sunday