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Mission Statement

The mission of Grassland Organics is to provide responsible waste management solutions through the design and operation of engineered facilities that protect the surrounding environment and local communities.

Building Greener Communities

Grassland Organics (GO) is in the business of developing and operating environmentally safe waste management facilities, as well as closing and remediating existing sites.

Everything we do as a company focuses on building greener communities by managing an assortment of locally generated waste materials. Through value-added product development, the adoption of best available technologies, and utilization of industry leading practices and policies, GO is able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and divert waste-streams away from the landfill toward renewable product applications.

Our business model is founded on meaningful relationships with First Nations’ partners, and we believe that the inclusion of traditional indigenous knowledge is essential.

About Us

Grassland Organics (GO) is a resource management firm that challenges the way society thinks about renewable resource development including organic matter from yards and kitchens, biofuel production from forestry products, and recyclables from construction projects. GO is an environmentally responsible operator that strives to exceed regulatory standards and industry best practices.

Core Values

Health, Safety & Environment

GO is committed to providing our employees, contractors, and members of the public with a safe environment and positive experience while working at or visiting our facilities. Our ultimate goal is Zero Harm and the top priority factored into every decision we make.

This core value translates into environmental protection, where every effort is made to ensure all plants and wildlife, water resources, and air quality are safeguarded by way of meticulously engineered designs and operational plans.


GO is devoted to maintaining a state of feeling respected, supported, and valued, focusing on the individual needs of employees, and ensuring the right conditions for candidates to achieve their full potential.


GO believes in giving back to the community and works with local partners on supporting initiatives centred on improving the health and wellbeing of youth, students, and the environment.

Our Partners

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Site Address

Stswékstem Engineered Waste Management Facility
801 Strawberry Hill Lane
Kamloops, BC V2H 1J8
Scale House: 236-597-9300
(for customer/public inquiries)
Office: 236-421-0112
(for waste management contractors and billing questions)

Head Office

Grassland Organics Strawberry Hill Ltd.
801 Strawberry Hill Lane
Kamloops, BC V2H 1J8

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:00 to 4:00

Saturday 9:00 to 3:00

Closed Sunday